Lucky Weather

 Posted on 17 September, 2016

Well the summer has been and gone, we have been lucky with the weather, and hopefully by the time this blog reaches you, we will have all enjoyed some autumn sunshine.It has certainly been a time to enjoy some outside entertaining and we have had an upturn in our burger and sausage production in particular.After talking to our customers who have come in to stock up on sausages, we know that they are well travelled and have been taken to Peterborough, March, Stevenage and Dunton to mention a few places.We also know that our sausages have made it across to Ireland and France this summer.As always we continue to strive to improve our customer service, and would really welcome any feedback from you about what we can provide as a local business. We have a few ideas in the pipeline, but would really appreciate hearing from customers old and new with their thoughts about the products we offer, what else you think we could provide in terms of service, or opening hours in particular, or indeed anything else that you think would be of benefit.Drop in and have a chat or send us an email or message on Facebook, your opinions are important to us.With customers reminding us that Christmas is fast approaching, our attentions are now focused on putting together our price list for Christmas ordering.We had some excellent feedback about the quality of the Turkey’s last year and we will be sourcing the free range birds from David Hunt at Watergate Farm again. Be sure to drop in and talk to us about your Christmas orders and pick up a buying guide and ordering form.Look forward to hearing from you.Until next time. 

New Serve over counter

 Posted on 1 August, 2016

Another exciting and busy month at the shop.Our 1st Anniversary open morning was a great success. It was a pleasure seeing so many people taking the opportunity to taste some of our specialist sausages and different flavoured meats. We were also delighted to launch the delicious range of Sinclair sauces, which compliment many different meat products. We had a bit of fun with our ‘guess the cut of meat’ competition and the winner was presented with a £20 voucher to spend in the shop.Our next task was planning for the arrival of our new serve over counter. After a lot of talk, measuring up and gathering together willing volunteers, it arrived in a large van.It took two men and a hydraulic lift to get it onto the pavement outside the shop. We were advised by the delivery team that we needed at least 8 strong men to get it through the window space (which was the only way it was going in). Having removed the glass, we then had to get the old counter out!! Weighing up the situation and with some strong muscle, it went out of the door with 4mm to spare! Our next job was to rally up even more muscle for the new one going in the window. (Pictures on Facebook).With a lot of manpower, it all went seamlessly. Thank you to all who helped with the window and the counters. We are very grateful.We are absolutely delighted with our new purchase, which has state of the art LED lighting that is set to, not only increase the shelf life of the meat, but also reduces discolouration.Look out also for our WEEKLY SPECIAL OFFERS on our products. We will post them on Facebook and in the shop.

1st year Anniversary

Posted on 20 July, 2016

 At the time of writing this article we find ourselves fast approaching the end of our first year in the shop.What a busy and interesting year it has been for the Snelling family.Having moved his family back to Stotfold from Hereford, Tom resumed his butchery career. We all got to grips with running a small business, something which we had a few months beforehand not even considered.It all started with the sausages! We had heard that Roy and Roger Beale were thinking about retiring. Having been longstanding customers ourselves, we knew that no sausages we had tried over the years, (and we had tried a lot!) had ever matched the taste and texture of sausages at Beales. A few chats later, a bit of legal work and a period of handing over and there we were in charge.A lot of customers were worried that the sausages would change, but we have carried on with the original recipe and we are still sure that they are the best sausages around.Now we are extending the range of our sausages, to include some new recipes like our Smoked Hickory, Cumberland and for those who like an extra bit of spice, our Hot Spanish, or Peri Peri, these are very tasty and proving popular. Will have to admit to the one and only change that we have made to the sausages and that is they are now a little bit bigger than before.We have enjoyed meeting customers old and new and listening to their stories and sometimes advice.We continue to make improvements and our new price labels have generated a lot of conversation. As has the prospect of our new serve over counter, which we will take delivery of in the next few weeks.We would encourage anyone who has not yet made it into to the shop to pay us a visit, come and see what we have to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised.Follow us on Facebook, where you will find lots of information about what is on offer, and sometimes tips for recipes, and customer comments.Look out for our next update.